Thursday, January 8, 2009

I DO ME WED: How to Marry Yourself and Start Attracting the Love You Want

I was going thru the worst break-up of my life. You know? Like ALLLLLL the pieces of AAAAALLLL the other breakups all in ONE. After not eating for days (I had NEVER reacted to sadness like THAT . Usually I'm in line with Vanilla Fudge Swirl ice cream as soon as depression would sink in); and sitting in my parked, idling car for 45 minutes unable to figure out WHERE I LIVED!!!....I DECIDED TO MARRY MY OWN LIFE. In one night of desperation I created a process combining acting technique with right-left brain Inner Child Work and surfaced with a VOW PROCESS. One that helps you to find, for yourself, what love would feel like to you; perceive how you aren't giving that to yourself FIRST; and making your self-marriage vows such an integral part of your experience that anything less feels wrong...rather "bad" loving feeling oh so familiar. As Gandhi said, "We must BE the change we want to see!"

I wrote the process, shared diary excerpts from the 15 most pivotal days in the journey, added 150 cartoons of me and my girlfriends as all hell busted loose....shook...stirred...and manuscript.

Oh....did I mention that I am blissfully married for the first (and last) time to a man who makes me so grateful I DID NOT get what and who I wanted SO desperately?

And there is a sequel...a GUERILLA WEDDING PLANNER

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