Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Just tell me something about yourself"?!?!?!

It's like the first day of school! Tell you about myself? About what I want to express, SHARE and experience by creating this sandbox to play in?

It's so much easier when I'm just answering questions. First I spend 3 years THINKING about creating a site. I create a site.... I then ignore the site, realizing I know nothing about tweaking it and I am utterly dependent on others to post stuff.

I cogitate for the NEXT 3 years on creating a blog. Am I unable to trust all the people who assure me it is SOOOOOO easy? Or am I just lazy? Or am I not actually procrastinating but merely waiting for the correct energy to create "motivated action"...aligning my vibe and stuff.

So I think of t hese words as a sort of "bookmark." I have broken my metaphoric ice. I will undoubtedly return and obliterate this initial post out of embarrassment or my inability to treat words as anything but Playdoh (is that spelled correctly).

But, until I am concentrated enough to share what I'm writing, what art I'm creating, my favorite books (The Dwarf by Per Lagervist), music (Yma Sumac is the childhood favorite...Duffy my new rave...Harold Budd and Toumani Diabate my go-to-guys for thinking and writing), and movies (soooooooo many. and now that I go to the Academy with my shiny new husband I see everything!), this toe-in-the-water entry will have to serve.

uhhhhhhmmmmm. I just noticed that if this is how much I write to explain I can't WRITE anything, then I'm in danger of churning out War & Peace when I DO feel like writing.

Scary Gemini/Mercury/Right-Brained Communicator Girl!!!!

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Anita Bass Coleman said...

Lorrie Gay! You can so write! You are the Right-Brained Communicator Girl! It's so great to see you on the web, read your first blog entry and touch base with you -- even if its virtual. You have an amazing mind, a big heart and a profound spirit. All who come in contact with you in any way are fortunate.